Seeing Some Profits From Your Dubstep

Most of us start playing music for the love of it but once you have fallen so madly in love with it we begin to fantasize about making money from it. Can you imagine how it would feel to actually be able to pay your rent, food, insurance and all bills with the money you earn from playing your music all over the world?

Dubstep NoteYou might think; “You must be famous to do that!” when in reality this isn’t true at all. The truth of the matter is that you just need to know where to play in order to get paid. For instance a City like Austin is a much better place to go to if you want to get paid to play live music as opposed to LA where there are so many people that you actually have to “Pay to play”.

Below I will discuss a few options on how you can make money from your Dubstep. NOTE however that it is crucial to own all the rights to the Dubstep Maker you are using in order to avoid Software Audits which could end your career very well before it starts.

  1. The Internet – The first and easiest place to make some money from your music is the internet. By hosting your songs on iTunes, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and so forth you have the ability to sell your music. People would be able to buy a single song or the album from you which is money in the pocket. In addition you could even host it on free downloads, add in advertisement and so on.
  2. Stage performance – It isn’t easy to get paid if you aren’t known but then again you have to start somewhere. Start DJing parties and ask for some cash even if it’s from your friends. You could even start doing your own parties and charge at the door if you are really out on your luck. Video tape your parties, your sets and so on so you can create a portfolio to show bars and clubs.
  3. Filmmakers like Dubstep – Did you know that filmmakers love dubstep for action scenes. You could always sell your music to filmmakers or offer it up in exchange for exposure and credits which will help build your name.
  4. Advertisement – Make mixes and loud them on Youtube. Then add monetization on your videos (has to be original content) and if you are lucky and people love your mix, you could be making some passive income from your music.
  5. MakerMerchandizing – Once you have a few fans that are willing to buy your merchandize you can start working on shirts, hats or even branded Flash Drives you can sell.

Music is more than just music. A successful musician needs to work on varies elements of his or her brand so simply begin to take your music serious and you should begin to see money come in. The moment you realize that your Intellectual property is in fact a product and the moment you identify your target demographic, you will begin to be able to monetize your music. It takes time and dedication but I know of several DJs that make between $500 to $750 USD a night and play 3 nights a week in a series of clubs. You won’t know them, and that’s the point…you don’t have to be famous to live as a dubstep maker, song-writer, producer using vst plugins or classically trained musician.